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Parking Regulations

After many requests, the parking regulations are posted on the website.  Please click on the blue parking regulations or click on the “Parking Regulations” on the left side of the Home Page.  Please read the Parking Regulations in it’s entirety.

As a reminder, these regulations are being enforced by the tow company listed in the regulations and community volunteers. They are not onsite 24/7. When they are in the community, they are recording vehicles parked in visitor spaces. If a vehicle is recorded in a visitor space 24 hours prior, it will be towed. The rule does not require that it is in the spot for the entire time.  The tow company and community volunteers also  issue warnings to owners of vehicles in violation of other parking regulations.

Also, please be aware that Residents parking in a Visitor space is a Violation of the SPTA Parking Regulations.  A Resident’s vehicle in a Visitor space can be towed immediately, without warning, at the owner’s expense.

Visitor passes for your Visitor staying an extended time can be acquired from the MJF Associates’ office as needed.   MJF Associates Offices are not open on the weekend.  They close at 5:00 pm on Fridays and reopen on Monday at 9:00 am.  If special considerations need to be made please plan accordingly.


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