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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  • Important Phone Numbers
  • Architectural Violations
  • Board of Directors
  • Grounds Maintenance/Snow Removal
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Parking
  • Playground
  • Trash

Important Phone Numbers:

Name Phone Number Other Contact Info
MJF Associates (703) 369-6535
American Disposal (703) 368-0500
Non-Emergency PW Police (703) 792-6500
S&S Towing and Recovery (703) 895-8845

Architectural Violations:

I received a Violation in the mail, what now?

The Violation was discovered by independent investigators that patrol the community multiple times a year. This ensures that owners are keeping their property in good condition. Each violation notice contains a date when all repairs should be completed. Once the repair is complete the homeowner should call MJF to notify them so that they may conduct a re-investigation. At that point they will re-assess the violation and if it is in fact completed by the date on the violation, it will be closed. Violations that remain open for a longer period of time will be sent to a hearing with the board. Up until that time homeowner my request an extension to complete the work.  You will be required to explain why you are requesting the extension and how complete the project is but most times they will be granted.  If you don’t correct/complete, don’t get an extension, and / or you don’t communicate with MJF associates to correct the issues, the fines will start to accrue after the hearing, and will continue to accrue until the violations are closed. Once the hearing has taken place, no extensions may be granted. It is always best to keep the lines of communication open. Just let MJF or the Board know what’s going on. We are homeowners just like you and we want to work with you to make the community better in the long run.

What if I don’t fix the Violation?

If you do not comply with the violation notice you will be fined.  When the amount of the fine is over a certain $ value, a lien is placed against your house. The board will convene twice a year to conduct hearings on all violations. All homeowners with current violations are encouraged to attend and will receive a notice from MJF associates to do so. At this time the Board will conduct a hearing on the assessed violation at each property and decide how much time will be given to correct the violation, if any at all.  If you do NOT correct the violation and the time that was allotted has expired, you will be charged $10 a DAY until that violation is corrected. Severe cases will result in other consequences, such as removal of parking spaces, defined by the board.

Board of Directors

Who is on the Board of Directors?

The Board is made up of homeowner’s within the community who volunteer their time to help make our neighborhood a better place to live. Anyone can volunteer for the Board or Committees, as long as they are in good standing in the community. There is no predetermined term length for the board members. The length of term for Officers (President, Vice President, and Secretary) is 1 year at which point they may be re-elected.

Grounds Maintenance/ Snow Removal

Do I have to mow my grass?

Of course, you are responsible for the upkeep of your yard as defined by the plot of land on which your home resides. According to the Architectural Standards, “Grass shall not exceed six [6] inches in height.”

Sudley Place HOA currently has a contract with Blade Runners to mow, weed, seed and maintain all of the common areas. Anyone can submit a question or comment via their website by following the bid request button (big green one on this right).

Blade Runners Incorporated

Snow Removal

A private contractor currently handles our snow removal.  Please note some of the streets we live near are maintained by the State.  We pay for Snow Removal on a case by case basis. Each homeowner is responsible for clearing off their walkway and the common side walk in front of your house within 24 hours.

Neighborhood Watch

Do we have a Neighborhood Watch?

Please view Neighborhood Watch Information here.

Yes, we have a very involved neighborhood watch. We are always looking for volunteers to assist during the day and night. If you are interested please contact MJF associates so that they may put you in contact with the coordinators of the program.

If you have an emergency, call 911. Do not put yourself in harm’s way.

If you encounter activity you feel may require the Police’s attention, do not hesitate to call the Non-Emergency number (703.792.6500). Before calling it is helpful to gather general background information about the situation. Some examples include the following information:

  • Car Make, Model, Color, Plates and distinguishing marks
  • How many people involved, gender, race, clothes and description of activity


The Sudley Place Parking Regulations are located here.

Who can I call to have a car towed from my assigned space?

If a car is illegally parked in your assigned spot you may call Dominion Towing and Recovery at the number listed above. They will require proof of residence to tow the vehicle.


Are there any Playgrounds?

Yes.  More information can be found here.


Sudley Place HOA Trash Regulations can be viewed here.

Do I have to have a trash can?

Yes, per the PWC Health Department policy that we are enforcing: Property code ordinance: Chapter 22 section III.

When can I put my trash can out for pick up?

Trash Pickup Monday and Thrusday
Recycling Monday
Big Items Thursday (must call ahead to notify)

You may set out your trash on Sunday and Wednesday nights after 6pm.  Trash cans must be put away in a timely fashion or fines will be assessed.


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